Let’s Chat About YA

Let’s Chat About YA


Something that’s been on my mind recently is YA literature. Mostly because any popular blog, BookTube channel or bookstagram account you find, they will feature almost entirely YA books and content.

So the question is – why YA? What does it even mean if a book falls under the YA category?

As we all know, YA stands for Young Adult. But, as you may realise, not every book who features a teenage main character is classified as YA.

That’s when it becomes more difficult.

YA targets a young adult audience. Some adult books, may feature children or teenagers as their protagonists, but are not classed as YA as (usually) the complexity of issues and and sometimes even the issues themselves, are not aimed at a younger audience, or perhaps the author believes an older audience could relate to the issues on a higher level.

If they don’t contain content not deemed ‘as intelligent’ as adult novels, they why are they so successful?

People outside of the blogging/vlogging/bookstagram world that I’ve come in contact with, don’t value YA as being ‘proper literature’, thinking that only teenagers (the originally intended audience) should be reading such books.

However, as those of us who are a little more familiar with social media know this not to be true. Many examples of YA literature contain more diversity and density of plot than adult novels do. As the literature is usually a little simpler to read than adult books, it’s become the easy way to dive into another world, without having to think too hard, and this is what I believe makes them accessible to so many people. YA is taking the world by storm, and doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing down.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know down below! I understand that not everyone will feel the same way, and welcome the diversity of thought.





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