#PimpMyBio Entry for Pitch Wars 2017!

#PimpMyBio Entry for Pitch Wars 2017!

Hi everyone! My name’s Isi, short for Isabeau (Is-a-bow, think bowtie) and welcome to my #PimpMyBio entry for Pitch Wars 2017! This is my first time as a Pitch Warrior, and I’m so excited to be part of this amazing community! Everyone is so supportive and inclusive of each other, and I hope that spirit never fades.

I knew I wanted to be a writer since the age of 8, when I was scolded by a teacher for writing a 32 page story instead of only 4 pages. Sorrynotsorry. I’m the mother of an adorable 18 month old baby and an asshole cat, and am far too obsessed with TV shows and pasta. Feel free to stalk my twitter to find photos of me, so instead here’s a cute photo of my daughter to brighten your day.



My novel, SHADOWSPAWN is a YA Contemporary Fantasy, complete at 89,000 words.


1500 years ago, natural disasters ravaged the Earth, threatening humanity’s existence. Until one day, they stopped abruptly. Life continued.

Fifteen year old Kalasin Riers has been on the run with her uncle for as long as she can remember, but he refuses to explain why. When they are ambushed and her uncle is jailed as a traitor against the government, Kally is taken captive to Aldeanor Academy. After begrudgingly passing a Trial of Power, she is required to remain there as student. Through her attendance she learns her family’s secret; they are pariahs and renegades, traitors to a furtive community of Elementals who prevent natural disasters from ravaging a calamitous Earth.

Kally struggles to navigate this new society of powerful beings, where she is despised for the wrongdoings of her family. She must contend with prophetic dreams of a cursed woman, kidnappings, and the discovery of the secret her parents died for. Untangling this web of mystery is vital to prevent the resurgence of the Elemental War. She must race to uncover the lies she and her peers are caught in and make an alliance with the treasonous group her family were involved involved with, as it may save her uncle from his death sentence. If Kally she will fails she will not only lose her remaining family member, but jeopardise the existence of the Elemental race.


A few things you can find in SHADOWSPAWN:

– A strong female protagonist who is sarcastic to the core
– A gay male protagonist, often harsh in words, logical, with ghosts in his past
– A fiercely loyal male protagonist, bouncy and optimistic
– Political intrigue
– Morally grey characters
– Learning to accept what you cannot change
– Food. Lots of food
– Discrimination against heritage
– Familial love
– Diverse sexuality
– Learning to deal with grief and the way it shapes a person
– Is anyone truly good/evil?


This story is very close to my heart, as I see parts of myself in all of my main characters. These are characters who I wish I was able to read about in my teenage years, as sometimes just knowing that you’re not alone in your struggles can do a world of good. With my female MC Kalasin, I share her love for books and her struggles to find a home while having unnecessary judgment and hatred placed upon her, due to repercussions outside of her control. In regards to my male MCs – with Eric, I see my optimism, and will to see the good in everyone I meet. Lachlan’s struggle with the loss of a family with hints of mental illness matches my own. They all have a difficult time to morally accomplish the right thing, sometimes choosing the easy path instead.

As a mentee, I would put everything I had into working with a mentor, as this novel has encumbered four years of my life, through the good and the bad. I strongly believe in my story and my characters, although am exceedingly open to any discussion to make improvements, to make it stronger for its audience, and as agent-ready as possible. I am capable of working at a fast pace – I wrote 2/3 of my novel within two months. Crippling stress and time constraints, I’ve learned, can spur an extremely high level of motivation. I hope, whoever you are, that you fall in love with my novel as much as I have.


You will probably like SHADOWNSPAWN if you liked
– The sass and strength of heroine Celaena Sardothien in THRONE OF GLASS
– Element-driven action scenes and the unbreakable friendships in AVATAR – THE LAST AIRBENDER
– The political intrigue of AN EMBER IN THE ASHES


When I’m not immersed in a novel, whether it being my own or another, I can be found ranting about books and cute animals over at my twitter, @isabeaumuses or at my booktube/authortube channel, Isabeau’s Literary Musings.

Best of luck to everyone involved! Click here to view more contestant’s bios.

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