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Harry Potter Annual Readathon

Harry Potter Annual Readathon

Bit of a last minute decision, but I’m very excited to be participating in the Harry Potter annual readathon! This takes place from May 15 – August 6. It’s been about two and half years since my last full re-read of the series (I’m horrified) so this felt perfect. Lately I’ve been procrastinating reading by writing instead, so let’s hope this brings more of a balance.

The Reading Schedule


This has all Potter material included, not just strictly the seven books. The video section for the last week has me SUPER ecstatic. Anyone else seen the Very Potter musicals? Team StarKid is life.

The readathon is being hosted through the twitter account @HPReadathon and the hashtag #HPReadathon2017. There are a bunch of photo challenges per week that have been posted, which most people will be sharing mostly on instagram I believe. These and the quizzes held at the end of each week will earn you house points. Go and check out that twitter link or their tumblr if you’d like more information, and they have further break-downs of the weeks to make the reading stack manageable.

Competing against each other for house pride, taking beautiful photos and reading the best series of all time. What more could you wish for! 

None of these are requirements, it’s simply a fun readathon which encourages Harry Potter fans to come together and discuss the beautiful series.

And no, it’s not too late to start! I’ll be donning my Slytherin merch and starting with the Fantastic Beasts library as soon as I can. I will attempt to post weekly updates on my progress! I will have a busy schedule involving my daughter and study, but hopefully I should be able to stay on top of it.

Happy reading y’all! And let me know if any of you are participating/considering doing it.


A New Thought

A New Thought

Wow. This is new. Welcome everyone!

Blogging is always something I’ve been interested in, and I am completely in awe of those who have the courage and the willpower to put themselves and their thoughts out there.

Just Keep Reading’s content is pretty self explanatory; books! I’m an avid reader, one that has definitely had some rough and slower literary periods, but as always, back on the horse. So here’s hoping that we have a little fun along the way… *wink wink*

My bookshelves (which are very limited as to what they should be), currently look a little something like this:


I miss organisation by colour, so am hoping to get round to doing this once a few more books that I’ve recently ordered have arrived.

Something I’m also very passionate about is writing, which I believe to be one of the hardest jobs someone can have.  It’s half based off an individual’s creativity capability, and half self motivation and dedication. Sometimes it’s easy to have an idea, but sticking with it long enough for it to become a reality is often a difficult task.

So in regards to reading and writing, hopefully there will be a bit of everything for anyone! Whether that’s help with inspiration, tips for staying on track, recommendations, or reviews, you’ll see it all here as this blog continues to progress.

Any questions, queries or developments, please feel free to Contact me.

With love,

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